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What can I do for you?


I help motivated mompreneurs build & maintain profitable blogs and thrive in their online businesses! No matter where you are today, together we can get you to your goals and beyond!

I use a balanced, no-burnout approach that pairs actionable steps with results-driven personalized solutions for your unique path in online business. Even if you’re in the “I have an idea but literally nothing else” phase, I’ll help you find your flow and build and execute a sustainable plan! Have tons of ideas, but no direction or otherwise need help getting going or support along the way? I’ve got you covered there too.

It would be an honor to help you reach your goals!  Whenever you’re ready, request more info on how we can work together here! Prefer to DIY it? Get on the VIP list below for exclusive pricing on a step by step guide to starting a profitable blog/business!


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Oh, but who am I you ask?

I’m just a basic everyday work at home tech mom who’s really a hardcore nerd at heart. My passion is strong for creating digital things while providing value and sharing the knowledge I have gained along the way. Stay up to date for blog posts, how to videos and sneak peeks into my life by subscribing to my social channels and email list below! Expand the sections below to learn a little more about me and what got this whole blogging thing started… read more about me below.

Jennifer Wakumelo

In addition to blogging & helping others online, I am a mother, wife and complete technology enthusiast. My greatest passion lies in creating – whether it be building blogs, writing, graphics, or recipes! My husband and I have built so many websites and other digital goodies together and we really enjoy the process.

I’ve been in healthcare from 9-5 for the last 10 years, spending my evenings, weekends, and vacation days learning and creating online. Luckily, my passion for creation has overlapped at times with my corporate jobs, however, it is not enough to satisfy my desire to create. Blogging is something I love, and the daily work at it has paid off! Without people like you spending time with me online and seeing the value in what I have created, I would not be here now. That being said, THANK YOU, it is an honor that you are here reading this now!

This passion for website building and social media was really uncovered in 2014, when my husband and I realized we wanted to start a blog related to my health journey, in order to help others in similar situations. We built our family’s first blog, Real Food To Heal, from the ground up and have been rebuilding it and making new ones for ourselves and others ever since. In recent years, Our Blog Life was born and turned into one of our most profitable public facing online ventures, only second to our Web Design agency where we offer custom sites and marketing services. 

Like most bloggers of the early blogging days, it all began as a hobby and although it’s turned to a business, I like to call it a profitable hobby since it’s really still as fun as the day I started! I’ve since built websites for family and friends, and have provided guidance to countless people on their website and online business-building journeys. If you want to chat about that, I can totally point you in the right direction to DIY your own online passion! I offer unique and customized solutions for working with mompreneurs and women looking for guidance in their online ventures. Whether you need a one time “get you on track” option or ongoing support, every package I offer comes with resources and VIP discounts on future products and services.

Reach out below and let’s get you on your path to thriving online!

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