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I’m just a basic everyday lady who’s really a hardcore nerd at heart. My goal is to provide custom creative services to people while building value and sharing the knowledge I have gained along the way. Stay up to date for blog posts, how to videos and sneak peeks into my life by subscribing to my social channels and email list below! Expand the sections below to learn a little more about me and what got this whole thing started…


I am a mother, wife and complete technology nerd. My greatest passion lies in creating functional and beautiful solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs online. I have enthusiastically helped family and friends with their online ventures over the years, and am so happy to now be able to launch my own service-based business to the public.

I’ve been in healthcare from 9-5 for the last 10 years, spending my evenings, weekends and vacation days learning and creating online. Luckily, my passion for creation has overlapped at times with my corporate jobs, however, it is not enough to satisfy my desire to create. By offering my services now to the public, I am able to share my passion and skill set to anyone who needs creative online solutions.




Jennifer Wakumelo

My services are small-scale and personalized; I take time to know you as a business person and your brand’s online goals, to make sure that I can give you a great result

This passion for website building and social media was really uncovered in 2014, when I realized I wanted to start a blog related to my health journey, in order to help others in similar situations. I built my first blog, Real Food To Heal, from the ground up and have been rebuilding it ever since.

It began as a hobby and remains as such. I’ve since built websites for family and friends, and have provided guidance to countless people on their website and online business building journeys.

Regardless of your online business goals, I will work with you to bring your best face forward online.

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