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As an entrepreneur, I’ve definitely done a lot… in recent years I’ve created a more balanced life with UGC content creation as a hobby and a career in real estate. I spend my free time creating inspiring and helpful content for creators. I enjoy designing things for work and for fun, writing, creating videos, and editing. Of everything I do, I find the most joy in mentoring others in this space. Contact me here for a free consultation for your business and marketing needs. If working together makes sense, we’ll come up with a plan!

Online business presence is so valuable and is non-negotiable these days. Pursuing business education is a passion of mine, as is working directly with businesses in marketing. Even before social media was this cool, I’d been working as a creative consultant to solve countless problems for businesses. Being immersed in this world for many years, I’ve developed a strong interest in working directly with small business owners, startups and bloggers to help them develop and maintain a strong online presence for increased sales, exposure, and consistent revenue!

As a long time real estate aficionado, I’m thrilled to have a team working with the public for real estate needs of buyers, sellers and investors in the Tulsa area! If you want to join my team as a part time or full time agent, I’ll get you signed up for real estate school for just $20/month. If you’re already an agent, we can get you in at the top commission structure based on your sales record at your current brokerage! Reach out and we’ll get you to the right place for your needs.

Jen Wakumelo Tulsa Realtor

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