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Working on a side hustle with an otherwise full schedule is an uphill battle! Do you find it hard get work done with everything else going on, or is it just me?!

Sometimes it can be discouraging and almost feel pointless to keep plugging away, especially if you don’t have the time, don’t need the money and are starting to feel burned out. 

Read on for tips on how to continue to squeeze your side hustle into your daily life!

Learn To Work (Productively) with Kids

My best strategy: find a nearby park to frequent, grab your caffeine and laptop (or smart phone) and make it a HABIT to get out of the house with your busy kids! They’ll look forward to it and you’ll find that the fresh air lends fresh ideas! Even if your kids are still crawling up your legs while you are on your device, at least it will be a little less claustrophobic since you’re outside. Trust me, with the right outdoor environment they are sure to find entertainment beyond your bubble, eventually at least. If you can’t get outside, give them a notebook and pencils and ask them to do some “work” to help you. Depending on their ages and enthusiasm, you might get some pretty sweet ideas! 


Revive That “Dead-End” Project

First of all-that heading has a trick in it-NOTHING has to be a dead end project! If you feel like something you’ve been working on is not going anywhere with the concept you initially started with, it’s time to shift it. An example would be if you are working on a blog post and it just isn’t turning out the way you envisioned, capitalize on where it is naturally heading! FYI, that is what happened here! My initial thought was to talk specifically about something that only made it into one of these sections. By being open to changing course when an opportunity presents, you’ll be more likely to find avenues for your work that maybe would not have appeared if you “stuck to course” on some things.


Squeeze a Side-Hustle in 

It can be done! If you are truly passionate about that idea for a project or side hustle, you’ll find time for it, especially if it is a virtual venture like a blog! Whether it be an Instagram or Facebook post, forum article or your own blog post, I find that when inspo hits, working on the go is pretty easy. I started my first blog when I was working 50-60 hour weeks with an hour commute each way, 2 young kids and (an extremely supportive) husband. I found that on my lunch breaks the most relaxing and rejuvenating thing to do was open up WordPress on my phone (or just a Google Doc if service was spotty) and start speak to texting everything I had in mind to talk about on the next post, Sometimes, I even got the content of an entire blog post done on my 15 minute breaks!


Stay To Task When Online

This is maybe the biggest issue for people who don’t have time for their side hustle but are active online. Think about all of those times you’re mindlessly scrolling social media feeds, Reddit or watching YouTube videos… THAT is when the free time truly flies! If you’re on iPhone with the new update, try setting limits for your apps, specifically social media apps that you are not productive on! You can build up your social posts on a post planner or Google Doc, or even Notepad rather than on the app itself and then truly monitor the amount of time you spend on the app NOT posting the content or engaging with your audience. Chances are, you will be surprised with how much time you really spend on unproductive social media ventures!


Find Inspo When You Are in a Rut

It happens to everyone, especially creatives! You run out of ideas, or get stuck on one that you can’t get going with. I love to read other people’s blog posts and find inspiration topics that way, since many articles and posts can spark similar spinoff ideas. I also love Pinterest for this, but refer to tip #4… because it’s pretty easy to get sidetracked when you find so many unrelated but awesome things to peruse! I like to create secret boards with inspo ideas, which can then be further categorized to specific sections that are sorted for easy reference! When in doubt, a tutorial on something you find second nature but have been asked about a lot is a great topic!



What are your top tips for staying focused on your projects and side hustles?

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